This blog is composed of images and writings related to the life and work of Faith Ringgold, her mother Mme. Willi Posey, and her daughters Michele and Barbara Wallace. There are pages with links to blogs composed of the materials arranged by decades. The blog, itself, will ultimately be composed of materials related to the life of the family in the 90s and the 21st century.


Chronologies and Documents: Hartford Insurance Fire Company

Policy Number 4043 Stock Policy

In Consideration of the Stipulations herein named and of eight and zero dollars premium does insure B.B. Posey for the term of 3 years from the 1st day of August 1, 1906 at noon to the 1st day of August 1909, at noon, against all direct loss or damage by fire, except as hereinafter provided, To an amount not exceeding Three Hundred, Fifty and zero Dollars, to the following described property while located and contained as described herein, and not elsewhere, to wit:

Dwelling Form

$350 on the one story frame, shingle roof building and additions thereto, and fixtures for heating and lighting, as part of the building while occupied as a dwelling situate on west side of Peck Street at No. 203, Block 58, Sheet 13, of Sanborn's 1903 Insurance Map of Palatka, Florida.  Loss, if any, payable to East Florida Savings & Trust Company, Mortgages, as their interest may appear. 

To comply with the Act of the Legislature of the State of Florida regulating the issue of policies by Fire Insurance Companies, approved May 31, 1899, the insurable values of the buildings herein described are fixed at the following amounts: $350.00.

Lightning Clause. Electric Light Permit.  Kerosene Oil Stove Permit.  

G. Loper Bailey & Co. 
Fire Insurance.
Palatka, Florida.

In Witness Whereof, this Company has executed and attested these presents this 30th day of July 1906.  This Policy shall not be valid until Countersigned by the duly authorized Agent of the Company at Palatka, Florida.  Geo. L. Chase, President.

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Michele Wallace

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Michele Wallace: Talking in Pictures

Michele Wallace: Talking in Pictures
Barbara, MJ, Michele and Mom in the background in sunglasses at a fashion show in the early 60s