This blog is composed of images and writings related to the life and work of Faith Ringgold, her mother Mme. Willi Posey, and her daughters Michele and Barbara Wallace. There are pages with links to blogs composed of the materials arranged by decades. The blog, itself, will ultimately be composed of materials related to the life of the family in the 90s and the 21st century.


Chronologies and Documents: Program from an Early Fashion Show

1951 FashionS01, originally uploaded by olympia2x.
This show was held at Abyssinian Baptist Church, which was apparently where the movement of black fashion designers began. In 1951. MJ was one of the designers. There are also other fashion show documents to be seen at flickr.

Photo Collection: MJ and Her Models--Edgecombe Ave

MJ's Models--Edgecombe Ave, originally uploaded by olympia2x.
A real spirit of the fashion shows that emanated from Edgecombe Avenue in the 50s. I was a small child in the background of this scene. The women that populated my early life, MJ, my Mom, my Aunt Barbara sitting on the couch, behind mother the lovely Ann Porter and their many beautiful friends. These were happy times. Innocent times for me.


Photo Collection: De Facto Segregation by Faith Ringgold

De Facto Segregation by Faith Ringgold, originally uploaded by olympia2x.  All rights reserved.  Copyright Faith Ringgold 1994. 

Faith did this cartoon for The Nation in 1994 in connection with the anniversary of the Supreme Court Decision on Brown versus the Board of Education. They paid for it but chose not to print it. It thus became one of my prized possessions. I love it more and more as time goes on. It is very particularly the Ringgold brand of humor. This is also what I mean by the idea that some pictures talk, and some people talk in pictures. Maybe we should do this more.

Photo-Essay: Faith Wallace Gadsden as a Baby

Faith Wallace, originally uploaded by olympia2x.  All rights reserved.  Collection of Michele Wallace. 

This photograph captures much about Baby Faith as a Baby that I adored. She isn't really able to entirely sit up yet so she is leaning slightly to the side of her stroller and the hair is only growing on part of her head thus far but the indomitable spirit and determination to stand up and be counted, to be focused and unforgettable is already there. One hand in a fist the other reaching out. Perhaps she is 3 or 4 months.

 I loved her then and I attempt to love her still but love is a powerfully difficult thing between a woman of thirty (which she is now) and a woman of sixty (which I am now) when you are not at the very least mother and daughter.  Sometimes they don't much love you back.

Nonetheless Soul Pictures is dedicated to her future, and to the future of the planet Earth.

Photo by Faith Ringgold.

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Michele Wallace: Talking in Pictures

Michele Wallace: Talking in Pictures
Barbara, MJ, Michele and Mom in the background in sunglasses at a fashion show in the early 60s